Mission, Vision , Values
      Our mission is to become a distinguished academic institution that is nationally and internationally recognized. In accordance with this mission, our major objective is to generate and encourage top-notch research to be nationally and internationally accepted, to provide a scientific environment enabling to train academicians of the future, to actualize the university-industry cooperation contributing to the regional and national development, and to train individuals carrying appropriate qualifications for public and private sector, getting access to information with ease, and having ability to produce, share, and make strategic decisions.
Our vision is to become a leading faculty in Turkey along with our; 
        ♦ that is fair and transparent,
        ♦ that exchanges information and views with all administrative levels,
         that makes decisions based on the principles shaped by experiences,
Faculty Members
        ♦ that work both in close cooperation and in a positive competitive environment,
         that keep track of the knowledge accumulated in their own field,
        ♦ that contribute to their field of study via national as well as international publications,
        ♦ that serve to the regional industry by developing projects,
         that are able to convey their views and suggestions to the administration,
         that communicate closely with our faculty members,
         that are aware of their strengths and weaknesses,
        ♦ that think, investigate, and question, 
        that diagnose and resolve the problems, and most importantly
         that understand perfectly the value of lifelong learning. 
As FEAS, We value; 
- Ethical behavior in all of our activities, 
- Improving the quality of our undergraduate and graduate programs, 
- Raising the research and scholarship reputation of our faculty members, 
- Integrating the information and communication technologies into our academic curriculum, 
- Developing the leadership and ethical values of our students, 
- Preparing students for global business challenges, including providing opportunities for global experience before graduation, 
- Strengthening our commitment to diversity, 
- Heightening our level of service to the business community through the research and expertise of faculty, students, and graduates.