Department Introduction
     Welcome to the Department of Business Administration (DoBA). DoBA was established within the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FEAS) by offering its normal education program in 1987. DoBA offered its evening education program in 1992. Students of DoE have been enrolling for a one-year intensive English language preparatory programme since 1998. 
   Academic structure of the department consists of six sub-departments: Management and Organization, Production Management and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Commercial Law, Quantitative Methods, and Cooperative System. As of 2018-2019 academic year, there are 23 faculty members involved in teaching and research (15 professors, 2 associate professors, and 6 assistant professors). There are also 12 research assistants in the department. 
   In addition to the core business courses (i.e., business administration, management and organization, production management, financial management, accounting, marketing management and marketing research, and human resources management), DoBA offers courses in other disciplines, including statistics, economics, and law. The duration of Business Administration programs (Turkish and English) in DoBA is 5 years in total, including one-year intensive English language preparatory programme. 
    DoBA also offers several graduate degree programs in collaboration with the Social Sciences Institute: Master’s Degree in Management and Organization, Master’s Degree in Production and Marketing Management, Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, Non-thesis Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Non-thesis Master’s Degree in Management and Organization, Non-thesis Master’s Degree in Accounting and Auditing, Non-thesis Master’s Degree in Health-care Institutions Management, and Ph.D. degree in Business Administration.