Head of Department: Instructor Fatih Varol

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Instructor Gökhan Akar

Farabi Coordinator: Instructor Gökhan Akar

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Instructor Fatih Varol

Purpose: Aim of the department of Foreign Trade is to raise qualified personnel who can internalize the notions about his department, contribute to foreign trade move of our country's companies, which is in service on the competition environment about globalizing process, think globally and practice locally, be in service on multinational environments, have foreign language adequately.

Vision: Thanks to Foreign Trade programmes, being a pioneer educational institution, globalizing world's conditions and knowledge of our age, with the equipment and equipage, at the national and international levels, respectable and preferred, being pioneer to ation and innovativeness, having competitive power.

Mission: The supported education's results with the academic, scientific and technological researchers, by presenting for the benefit of society, to train students who have contribution the progress of social and economic to back up instructors, who follow scientific developments and innovations closely, with the all opportunity of the university, to save the autonomous and liberty of work environment of the instructors whose aim is to search the knowledge, transfer and renovate it. With the representation and mass working activities, which give the reasonable results about using right and liberty, to place the culture of toleration, attendance and democracy, our principal aim is to apply searching, producing, publicating and counseling services with analytical, interrogator, modern and universal education criteria.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description:

Admissions Requirements: Under the condition that candidates have to have high school diploma or their equivalents, all registration and admission conditions are determined by OSYM( student ion and placement center ).

Recognition of Prior Learning: Programme of Foreign Trade gives two-year associate education after graduation from high school.

Graduation Requirements: To get associate degree in the field of Foreign Trade, students have to complete successfully all courses, which is compulsory and optional in the programme, and their general weighted course average has to be at least 2.00 on the scale of 4.00 .

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Students have to continue at least %70 of the courses, % 80 of the practices to check into the courses at the ning of period and to take an exam at the end of period. Students are subjected to at least a midterm exam and final exam for each course. The contribution of mid term exam to final grade is % 40, the contribution of final exam is % 60. All exams are evaluated on the scale of 100. If a student get AA,BA, BB, CB and CC, he is regarded as successfull. DC and DD are conditional success Marks. If a student get DC or DD, his general weighted course average has to be 2.0 to pass the course.

Employment Opportunities: Grad students can work as director or expert at the various institutions which is in business at the foreign trade and financial sector. Also graduates employ at the public institutions. At the same time, graduates can work at the customs consultancy.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: If candidates who complete the associate education succesfully, get valid Marks from external transfer exam, they can receive education on the undergraduate program. These programmes are Banking, Banking and Finance, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Economy, Economy and Finance, Political Arithmetics, Management, Business Information Management, Management Informatics, Logistic Management, International Trade and Financing, International Trade and Logistic.