Head of Department: Assist. Prof. Phd. Rabia KÖSE DOĞAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Research Assistant Mine SUNGUR

Farabi Coordinator: Lecturer Kübra KAYMAZ

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Phd. Rabia KÖSE DOĞAN

Purpose: Selcuk University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, where an appropriate education-training approach that is in accordance with the needs of today is seized upon in the light of the past, aims to train students who are responsible, researcher and gain information and ss that convert both scientific, technologic and artistic, ideational aspects into professional practise.

Vision: As the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, our vision is to promote projects made by our trained students into a national and international level.

Mission: Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design aims to train ?Interior Architects and Environmental Designers? who design creative and liveable indoors that are based on visual perception in 4-year education program process and that present aesthetic-function-combining solutions, and who design comfortable modern indoors enhancing quality of life, can form close environment design and are equipped with necessary information and ss.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Project classes taught since the first semester is the focus point of interior architecture education. In project classes by which academic basics of meeting psychological, sociological and physiological needs are given, practicing information gained from technical and theoretic classes constitute the basis. While entering into design methods, space concept and analysis and interior architecture expression-communication techniques in the first year in the second year, academic information with classes such as structure knowledge, carrier tem information, material information, acoustic, illumination and environment design are dwelled on. And from the third grade, practical studies about restoration, instalment-air conditioning, equipment design and environment design take place. And in the last year, while dissertation studies in which academic information are put into practice are studied design for handicapped, surveying, business law and structure search will be instructed.

Admissions Requirements: Students who get the base point from YGS exam conducted by OSYM and are successful Special Talent Exam carried out by Selcuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts can register on our program. (Central Placement System has been decided to be considered by board of department for 2013-2014 Education/Training periods).

Recognition of Prior Learning: Students who participate in the program through lateral or vertical transfers can be absolved from previous classes they have succeeded before by the decision of board of management.

Graduation Requirements: Students who succeed all of the classes available in the program (total 240 AKTS) and get at least 2.00 grade point average out of 4.00, complete dissertation project successfully and perform professional internship, deserve to graduate with the title of ?Interior Architect and Environmental Designer?.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Students are subjected to semester exams for each lesson (mid-term exam, project, seminar, quiz, assignment etc.) and final exams at the end of the year. Semester exams constitute 40% and finals form 60%. All exams are assessed out of 100 points. In order for students to be successful in project classes which are main art branches of final exams, they have to get CB, and CC from subsidiary art branches as well as at least DC-DD from culture-common mandatory classes averages of which are 2.00. And if averages are below 2.00, they will be considered failed.

Employment Opportunities: Program graduates can be employed in private and public institutions as ?Interior Architect and Environmental Designer?. They can also their own offices. The graduates have the opportunity to work as academicians in education and research institutions. They can take active roles in project, design, and practice processes of new structure innovations as well as arrangements of every kind of newly designed buildings. The graduates can take part in a wide range of businesses such as equipment designs and close environment arrangements.

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