Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih ÖZKAFA

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr.Meral AKAN

Farabi Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr.Zuhal TÜRKTAŞ

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr.H.Melek HİDAYETOĞLU

Purpose: Objective: Educating artists trained by specialist instructors, acquiring the art in its original form, applying it both in theory and in practice, with a foreseeing and visionary viewpoint, with a developed designing talent, having all artistic acteristics, internalized by classical rules, respected in international platform as an artist for all innovations, sensitive to scientific research studies, ready for post graduate programs, having the ethics of art, being creative and a researcher, believing that vocational development is only possible with a lifelong learning process, having principles in professional issues and also active in interdisciplinary studies in the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts

Vision: Vision: Offering our students a home for arts and science, preparing a generation with a continuous searching, thinking and producing objective, who never chooses to be stable, repetitive and imitative by establishing a required infrastructure for talented artists and scientists in their departments and furnishing our instructors and students with the latest technical equipment and the best quality materials, letting them contribute into the social enlightenment and integrating their knowledge with their talents.

Mission: Mission: Conserving the Turkish Arts, developing, introducing and representing in the most advanced levels by training artists/researchers, who are able to use the universal language of arts, giving the science and art a different viewpoint in the light of scientific, artistic and cultural developments both on national and international level, who also adopts the radical Turkish culture and is able to combine modern opportunities with an accumulation of the past, and who are participative, sharing, self-denying, enterprising, sophisticated, talented and with a sense of research.

Program Language: Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Program Deion: Beginning its educational activities in 1999 by the ing of Faculty of Fine Arts in Selcuk University, the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts have been accepting students since 2000 and given its initial graduates at the year of 2005. There are 6 different fields of art in our department in total the main fields of which are Ancient Writing (Calligraphy), Ornamentation (Decoration), Repair of Ancient Ceramics, Patterns of Carpets, Rugs and Ancient Fabrics, and Volume in addition to the Hand-Carved Main Field of Art, which started in Turkey for the first time. Besides theoretical courses on history of general art and traditional arts in our department, we also offer practical/theoretical courses besides such many cultural courses on main fields of art as Research Methods, Museology, Ottoman Turkish, Art Law, Literature of Arts, Philosophy of Arts. The academic personnel in our department are composed of instructors with international achievements and various awards in their own fields. Moreover, it is the most equipped departments in terms of its physical capacity and infrastructure.

Admissions Requirements: Admittance and Registration Terms: -Be taken barage of score from exam of higher education organizated by ÖSYM. -Be success from special talent exam organizated by faculty.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Recognition of Previous Knowledge: The ones graduated from Schools of Fine Arts are scored extra in special talent test.

Graduation Requirements: Graduation Terms: Being successful in all 240 AKTS courses in total, instructed through 8 semesters as determined by the department.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Basics for Assessment and Evaluation: The assessment and evaluation is conducted in accordance with the conditions as determined in Education and Examination Regulations of Selcuk University Faculty of Fine Arts, organized by basing on the Two-Year Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations of Selcuk University

Employment Opportunities: Employment Opportunities: Our graduates are employed as artists, restaurateurs, pathologists, specialists or instructors in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in municipalities and in libraries, museums, educational units within several public institutions and also as art consultants in many special collections and in private sector making design-based manufactures or work as an freelance artist.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Transition to Higher Programs: Any student who has successfully completed his/her undergraduate program is able to apply for a post-graduate program.