Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Ercan CEYHAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Süleyman SOYLU

Farabi Coordinator: Research Asistant Nursel ÇÖL KESKİN

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖNDER

Purpose: The purpose of the department of field crops, by making access to information of the students scientific research, evaluation and information is to provide the ability to interpret.

Vision: - Education, teaching, research and extension work in scientific ethics rules and have to go, - Technical and general skills, academic responsibility and native learning techniques as a good way to teach respect, - Faculty Member-oriented education in students potential instead of mobilizing, working together, sharing, contemporary and fitted with practical information, thoughts can produce, research and problem-solving ability, advanced, leadership and communication around the qualified and capable to raise individuals on the property entrepreneurs to development, - Student-oriented participatory, interactive education can contribute to and provide arable farming can bring new evolutions of regional, national and international projects is to a partition with the infrastructure to produce.

Mission: Grains and Edible Grain Legumes, fodder plants, industrial plants and grassland Drug-growing technique of Spice Plants, genetics, breeding and biotechnology issues - Theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with the requirements of age by giving at postgraduate level knowledge and experience in industrial agriculture and agro-based, equipped with industry needs a productive, creative, disciplined, skilled, theoretically and in practice, cultivate high senior agricultural engineers, - Where and how to get to topics related to the profession, how problems can be solved, information-gathering resources, teaching, information collected by synthesis solution to gain the skills to produce, - According to the agricultural potential of the area in which new production options in products produced in the unit area, reveal the efficiency and improve the quality of the new technical and building applications, - Public and/or private organizations are requested to provide written and oral, as the flow of knowledge and experience, - Aimed at improving agricultural production and scientific meetings and University-industry cooperation is to meet expectations with the manufacturer.

Program Language: - Turkish

Program Description: - Field Crops Department, contemporary criteria in education, teaching and research by conducting research for solutions that will allow you to research and researchers of applicability will stimulate and sector-related searching or private entities will be guided. - Academic staff personally or some other field crops the project as vital for United with the Turkish agriculture Studies Center. Its main activities are farming and plant breeding field crops is over. - The people of our country and contributing to healthy and adequate nutrition, for the purpose of field crops, particularly global warming, sustainable ecological conditions in Central Anatolia, in parallel with a healthy, high quality and high efficiency in plant cultivation and breeding bases will be transferred to the student as a theoretical and practical.

Admissions Requirements: - Students admissions, examinations and evaluations processes as required by law and based on this law of higher education issued by the higher education Council and the decisions of the University Senate. - Applicants to the masters program of the Department of field crops for admission: - Must have a Bachelors degree, Institute of science and technology within the period (FBE) apply, and who submit minimum to be determined in the score type of the program references the ALES score. - The average weighted grade graduation of the ALES score and the total amount by which the science exam written on the rating sheet music to be effective and necessary for the candidates acceptance of the lowest grade is determined by the Senate and FBE is announced each exam period on a web page. - Lists of winners the right to graduate education, FBE Directorate by decreed. Records, General announcement in the period specified terms and are made. - At the end of the contingency period for final registration remains in the number of quota remain if you have to register the backup from the Registrars Office can be done with replacement of recording time in recording. - The newly-formed or developing universities or higher institutes of technology in order to make your graduate education at the University in the name of the assigned research officials, the Board of Directors has determined principles and related higher education legislation in line with the re-exam and assessment without modification, they are saved directly to the graduate education and related units. - Students, program registration and admission-related matters at the University and the graduate school, based on the guidelines and other regulations that apply must comply.

Recognition of Prior Learning: A horizontal transition from higher education institutions, students accepted to the program in the program, they were watching before they had taken of adaptation and the corresponding decision of the Board of Directors is considered exempt from being regarded as a successful lesson. At the University and related matters about this institution implemented regulations, directives and other applicable principles.

Graduation Requirements: - Field Crops Department, lectures and seminars for 60 ECTS, specialty courses and other activities in conjunction with the masters thesis for a total of at least 60 ECTS consists of 120 ECTS. - Higher education Board related to the degree program level and field is determined by the higher education qualifications framework credit based on a range, a total of 120 ECTS successfully complete all the courses and 4.00 average weighted grade of at least 2.50, having seminars and research project (thesis work) are required to present successful.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: - According to the academic calendar for graduate courses in at least one final exam for each course. Period if deemed necessary by the faculty member in the midterm exam (s), short-term assignments, quizzes, lab work and other similar applications can be enforced. - To be successful in a course for the final exam must obtain at least CB (2.5). - Measurement and evaluation applied in matters relating to Universities and related institutions, regulations, directives and other applicable principles.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates of the program are employed in, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, agricultural organizations, agricultural product processing plants, herbal medicine, fertilizer and agricultural tools and equipment production and sales, in the landscape and in recent years especially in Turkey and around the world large seed and pharmaceutical companies.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Upon successful completion of the masters degree candidates provided the current note-taking ALES in their field or related fields of study in the doctoral program.