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Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rahmi ERDEM

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Arzu TAYLAN

Farabi Coordinator: Dr. Kıvanç ERTUĞAY

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Arzu TAYLAN

Purpose: 1- The Urban and Regional Planning Program aims to educate academicians, planners and professionalists with an academic perspective producing information in planning discipline and in a way that specializes in corporation with planning and other disciplines using the obtained information for benefit of society and public interest enabling the knowledge for growth and development of the region and Turkey and developing theoretical perspective on their private planning works. 2- To achieve the vision within the framework of the determined mission to provide an academic and education environment strengthening planning education and differentiating our program from other planning schools and to build an appropriate model for a formation of a participant and competitive environment.

Vision: The programs vision is to be a competitive and innovative educational institution following current developments can manage the spatial, social and functional change processes being appreciated the importance and requirement of interdisciplinary studies which produce contemporary and innovative perspective to national and international issues being aware of our authority and responsibility prioritizing concepts of social benefits and public interest on the basis of extensive participation and corporation at every stage of planning processes producing knowledge through research and practice.

Mission: 1. Educational mission is to train planners who can contribute to the transformation of urban settlements to liveable-healthy urban spaces with high quality of life and service produce solution opportunities by examining the countrys problems and potential-dynamics and can evaluate the solutions can identify spatial-functional planning issues and can offer sustainable solutions to problems by evaluating through databases d can evaluate the physical, socio-cultural, economic, ecological and institutional-political factors that will be effective in restructuring/conversion process of urban settlements by holistic perspective and can produce plans respond to the priority needs of society be aware that everyone has equal rights in use of source give priority to the concept of social benefit and public interest in terms of professional ethics think differently and contribute construction on the public interest and ethics. 2. Academic mission is to train academicians, planners and professionalists who produce information and use the obtained information for the society and the public interest contribute the implementation project for the countrys spatial, social, economic and cultural development with academic perspective and can bring a comprehensive overview of countrys specific planning and implementation status. 3. Constitutional mission is to provide academic and training environment for Planning Education in line with international education system and the necessary infrastructure the formation of the participants and a competitive academic environment.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: S.Ü. Urban and Regional Planning Department was established in 1994 within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. It was included in the Faculty of Architecture in 2013 with separating the Architecture Faculty from the Engineering Faculty. Department of education at the undergraduate level continues `Urban Planning and `Regional Planning including two departments. Also, Depending on the Institute of Science Urban and Regional Planning Masters program is carried out. The distribution of the expertise courses given in the department are designed to contribute to our countrys socio-economic development (urban planning, urban conservation-renewal, urban design, construction zoning law, regional planning, urban identity and quality assessment, landscape planning and design, urban transport planning, implementation and control of urban plans, information technology and spatial effects, planning for disabled people, housing estate planning, strategic planning, regional and metropolitan planning, disaster and risk management, geographic information systems, remote sensing, environmental planning, tourism planning, urban policy, real economy). The Program language is Turkish. Lessons are carried out theoretically and practically. In addition, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning is a member of `Turkish Planning Schools Association.

Admissions Requirements: Precondition of Selcuk University Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Program is that candidates who will be accepted has an undergraduate level. Conditions are subject to Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Prior learning of students from lateral and vertical transfer to the Department are subject to Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Graduation Requirements: A student from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning Masters program must has taken courses required for graduation foreseen in the Program and must has succeeded their courses. Graduate Program consists of 60 ECTS for the courses and seminar, 60 ECTS for graduate thesis, specialization field courses and other activities and total consists of at least 120 ECTS.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Urban and Regional Planning Programs assessment and evaluation methods are determined by the Selcuk University Graduate Education Regulations.

Employment Opportunities: S.U. Faculty of Architecture Department of Urban and Regional Masters program graduates are able to find jobs in sectors for urban and regional spatial planning, local managements (Municipalities and Governorships) and regional managements (like Development Agencies) and centralized managements (Ministries: as the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture) authorized to plans. In Addition, our graduates can work in the Chamber of City Planners registered private planning offices in the private sector and can also a special office. On the other hand, Urban and Regional Planning profession is closely related to other disciplines and our graduates may also have various jobs such as urban design, real estate development and assessment.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Candidates who successfully complete the masters degree of Urban and Regional Planning can continue the PhD programs related to their field or related fields in their country with necessary average performance and YDS and ALES exam scores or can receive education the PhD program in different universities in abroad by providing the terms of the relevant institutions.