Name and Surname: PROF.DR. MUSTAFA YILMAZ
E-Mail  myilmaz
Phone +90-332-2233873
Address Selcuk Universitesi, Fen Fakültesi, Kimya Bölümü, Konya/Türkiye
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______International Projects:________________


1. M.Yilmaz  andM.Roundhill, Calixarene BasedReceptors for siteReclamation by the RemovalofToxic Heavy Metals.Between The  Technological ResearchCouncil of Turkey (Tubitak )and NationalScienceFoundationScientific(NSF-USA)  2001-2005.


2. M.Yilmaz  andM.Bahadir,  CalixareneBased Receptors fortheEfficient Removal ofToxic Carcinogenic Aromatic Aminesand Azo Dyes. Between TheTechnological Research Councilof Turkey (Tubitak)and Julich Research Center(Germany) 2005-2008.


3. M.Yilmaz  andS. Memon,  Synthesis ofNovel CalixareneDerivatives andtheDevelopment of AnalyticalMethods/Techniques for the Removalof ToxicMetalsEspecially Arsenic fromWater. Between Technological  Research Councilof Turkey(Tubitak)and MoST  (Pakistan) 2008-2010.


4. M.Yilmaz MC member of COSTproject(Supramolecular in Water, ActionCM1005) 2012-2015


5. M.Yilmaz  and.A.G.Tzakos,Synthesis of Non-ToxicCalixarene Derivatives, ImmobilizationontoGoldNanoparticles, and Utilizationfor Drug Delivery and Imaging inLivingCells.Between TheTechnological  ResearchCouncilof Turkey(Tubitak )and  GSRT  (Greece) 2014-2016.




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