bilgisayar_donanimi_bilim_dali_(muh.) Yüksek Lisans - Doktora - Tessiz Yüksek Lisans
Head of Department: Assos.Prof.Dr. Halife KODAZ

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Mustafa Servet KIRAN

Farabi Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Barış KOÇER

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Barış KOÇER

Purpose: The aim of the program is to provide qualified personnel for the needs of Computer Engineering field and train students who plan to have an academic career in universities. Program content has been constituted accordingly. The students fulfilling the graduation requirements are granted a Master degree in Computer Engineering.

Vision: Respectively to become a center of excellence in the field of computer science and engineering at the region and the country. A wealth of academic staff, breadth of expertise, the variety of courses offered, the number of scientific publications and project conducted, the quality of masters and doctoral programs, laboratory and research facilities, as subsidiaries of international programs in many ways to become a section of the leading and well-known.

Mission: The mission of Selcuk University Graduate School of Natural Sciences Computer Engineering Department is to prepare innovative and unique educational and research facilities, to have the most up to date information in the field of computer engineering, to produce new information and spread this knowledge, to use in competent manner by following the computer technologies and to educate computer scientists capable of independent solutions to problems.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Education policy of our department is to provide professional education with the support of effective courses and laboratory applications by closely following the developments in the rapidly evolving scientific and technological field. Our department has been continuously improving its research infrastructure and cumulative knowledge through various national and international projects which are led by qualified academic staff.

Admissions Requirements: Applicants for MS and PhD programs in Computer Engineering should have BS / MS degrees in related fields. Applicants who have degrees in other than Computer Engineering are required to attend the Scientific Preparatory Program. The other requirements will be posted by Institute for Graduate Studies in Pure and Applied Sciences.

Recognition of Prior Learning: The recognition of former formal learning (education), the acceptance of special students, the horizontal transitions and the transitions within the university takes place according to ?The Legislation of The Graduate (Master) Education and Learning in Higher Education Institutions? determined by The Council of Higher Education

Graduation Requirements: In the Computer Engineering Department, graduation requirements are performed according to the Institute of Graduate Studies in Pure and Applied Studies Education and Examination Instructions.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Measurement and Evaluation Principles are performed according to the Institute of Graduate Studies in Pure and Applied Studies Education and Examination Instructions.

Employment Opportunities: Thanks to the high standards of the department, our graduates are well sought after in the top Software Development Companies, Telecommunication Operators, Technology Infrastructure Companies, Financial Institutions, Research Development Institutions/Departments, Packaged Software Distributors, Technology Consulting and Application Companies, and IT departments of Production Companies, Service Companies and Government Agencies. Those who want to pursue doctorate work can continue their studies in the department or apply other good universities in Turkey or abroad where they are well accepted.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Our students who are graduated with the Masters Degree after fulfulling the requirements of the Programme of The Computer Engineering can apply to the graduate programmes (doctorate ) in their scientific area or else by meeting conditions of these programmes, they may be accepted, also depending on the test score for the post graduate education such as ?ALES? (The Academic Personnel and Post Graduate Education Admittance Examination), ÜDS ( The Foreign Language Test of the Inter Universities Council ), KPDS ( Foreign Language Level Examination for Civil Cervants ) which are centrally organized by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).