Physical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ERSOZ

Director of The Advanced Technology Research & Application Center

Physical Chemistry 

Room number: 214, Tel: 223 3874

E-mail: ersozm@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Ilkay Hilal GUBBUK

Deputy Dean of The Science Faculty

Physical Chemistry

Room number: 207, Tel: 223 3864

E-mail: ihilalg@gmail.comilkayg@selcuk.edu.tr


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa OZMEN

Deputy Head of Department of Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Room number: Z-03, Tel: 223 3893

E-mail: musozmen@gmail.com


Assist. Prof. Dr. Salih Zeki BAS

Physical Chemistry

Room number: 109, Tel: 223 3877

E-mail: salihzekibas@gmail.com