Head of Department: Prof.Dr. Nimet YAPICI PEHLİVAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Yunus AKDOĞAN

Farabi Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Neslihan İYİT

Mevlana Coordinator Assist.Prof.Dr. Neslihan İYİT

ECTS Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Neslihan İYİT

Purpose: Department of Statistics aims to educate the equipped, courage, entrepreneur statisticians who adopt the basic principles of the scientific community and society, equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of the natural science, respectful to differences and be loyal to the ethical values, to undertake as a duty of producing and applying statistical knowledge appropriate to todays requirements, to have scientific thought that is proper for communitys needs.

Vision: The vision of Department of Statistics is to carry out internationally accepted academic activities and research that have contemporary and advanced opportunities in the field of statistics. Pride of the member in the national and international platform, accepted education and training programmes to graduate statisticians as a reputable, qualified, rationalist and fair, sensitive to the social requirements of the age, keeping up with the scientific developments in the statistical field, reliable in the education and research. These features are to be met by the society and stakeholders with respect.

Mission: The mission of Department of Statistics is to provide appropriate and adequate statistical education at undergraduate and graduate levels for university students in our country. To maintain and improve contemporary education, teaching and research activities in the field of statistics. To benefit from the accumulation of science and technology in the light of universal values and to contribute to the development of high-quality statisticians for the future of the country. To train competent trainers and researchers in the post-graduate education and research processes. To give information to the hundreds of graduates every year to increase the competitiveness with statistical scientific knowledge and skills to share and to disseminate with the demandants.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Department of Statistics was founded in 1997 within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. In 2008, the Faculty of Science was included in the Faculty of Science with the separation of Science and Literature Faculties. Undergraduate, Master and Philosophy of Doctora trainings are offered in our department. About 150 undergraduate students, 32 graduate students, 10 Ph.D. students, 3 professors, 2 assistant professors, and 6 research assistants are trained by a scientific team of 11 academic staffs. Department of Statistics consists of Statistical Theory, Applied Statistics, Operations Research, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes and Risk Analysis and Actuarial branches. Undergraduate education is carried out as first and secondary education. In addition to the compulsory courses, elective courses, which have the chance to choose students according to their preferences, have added a multidimensional feature to the program.

Admissions Requirements: The general admission requirements for Turkish and foreign students are valid for starting the program. Students who are placed in the department program by OSYM are entitled to enroll in the program.

Recognition of Prior Learning: If students, which enrolled in the higher education institution in Turkey or abroad, apply within the first week, the credit and memo transfer requests will be evaluated by the board of the related teaching unit and will be decided on a one-off basis to cover the whole learning.

Graduation Requirements: In this program, the student must be successful in all courses in the eight semesters of the program and collect at least 240 ECTS in order to qualify for a bachelors degree. In order to qualify for a Bachelors degree, the general note average must be at least 2.00 out of 4.00.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The system of measuring and evaluating student achievement in the statistical undergraduate program is determined according to the Selcuk University Associate and Bachelors Degree Education and Examination Regulations (http://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/eskiler/2016/01/20160113-4.htm).

Employment Opportunities: Department of Statistics Bachelors degree graduates can be employed in the academic units of universities, as well as in statistical units of banks, finance sector and insurance sector, research companies, public and private sector quality control, inventory assessment units, newspapers and television organizations, hospitals and so on.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Candidates who have successfully completed the undergraduate education in the Department of Statistics can enroll in graduate programs if they have ALES and Foreign Languages knowledge at the announced level (with TOEFL, YDS and YÖKDİL documents). Selcuk University Faculty of Science Department of Statistics applications for graduate programs can be found on the website of the Institute of Science. (https://www.selcuk.edu.tr/fen_bilimleri_enstitusu/en)