Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Mustafa KÜÇÜKÖDÜK

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gülsüm AYDIN

Farabi Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. İmren Hatay PATIR

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pembegül UYAR ARPACI

Purpose: The purpose of Department of Biotechnology is to teach students about a comprehensive and adequate knowledge in all fields of Biotechnology and to graduate students who know scientific research principles, obey ethical rules and put into practice the theoretical knowledge.

Vision: The vision of Biotechnology Department, by identifying educational and research objectives in line with current requirements of Turkey, is to perform quality research and projects that will contribute to national welfare of Turkey.

Mission: The mission of the Biotechnology Department is to give appropriate and sufficient biotechnology education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In the end, the biotechnologists qualified to meet the needs of our country.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Biotechnology department is an interdisciplinary department established in the Faculty of Science in 2014.

Admissions Requirements: Admissions are made by Measuring, Selection and Placement Center. The foreign students are also accepted as soon as they qualify certain criteria. These students can also take English courses given at the University.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Selçuk University students which will study at the Department of Biotechnology may be exempt from some courses according to certain regulations. Double Major / Minor Programs: the Double Major or Minor programs and other related programs are strongly promoted and supported.

Graduation Requirements: Students must have 30 credits (ECTS) at each semester to graduate from the program successfully. A total of 240 credits (ECTS) must be obtained after a four-year study. The grade point average should be a minimum of 2,00 over 4,00.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The students must be satisfactory for each course to be successful. The examinations are: 1 Midterm exam (40 % of cumulative GPA) and 1 Final exam (60% of cumulative GPA). In case there are any health problems proved by a medical report, the make-up examination will be applied. The examinations may be oral, practice or written type. In determining the letter grade, the students mid-term and final examination grades are taken into consideration. The coefficients of the letter grades and the score intervals used in the calculation of Grade Point Average are indicated below: Letter Grade Coefficient Score intervals Status AA 4,00 90-l00 Passing BA 3,50 85-89 Passing BB 3,00 80-84 Passing CB 2,50 75-79 Passing CC 2,00 70-74 Passing DC 1,50 65-69 Conditionally Passing DD 1,00 60-64 Conditionally Passing FD 0,50 50-59 Failing FF 0,00 0-49 Failing NA 0,00 * Failing The grade NA is designated by the course instructor to students who have been deemed unsuccessful due to one of the conditions below. The grade NA is processed as FF in the calculation of Grade Point Average. 1) Not qualifying to take the final exam due to failure in fulfilling the attendance requirements. 2) Not qualifying to take the final exam due to failure in fulfilling the provisions regarding course practices. 3) Having taken none of the mid-term and final examinations. Grades which are not included in the Grade Point Average are as follows: a) The grade S (satisfactory) is designated to students who are successful in non-credit courses b) The grade U (unsatisfactory) is designated to students who are not successful in non-credit courses. c) The grade EX (exempt) is designated to students who have been exempted from certain courses in the curriculum.

Employment Opportunities: The graduates from the Department of Biotechnology have the following employment opportunities in governmental and private organizations: Laboratories of government and private hospitals, private medical tests and testing laboratories, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment, Ministry of Health, Metropolitan Municipalities, Pharmaceutical companies, Medical / scientific tools and equipment companies, food production companies, research centers, Environmental companies, Institutions and universities.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree of the Biotechnology department can apply for a graduate program (MSc. and PhD) at The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences provided that they have enough science and foreign language score.