Selcuk University is based in Konya, in the South Central of Anatolia region. It is easily accessible by road and rail, and is a short distance from the Konya Airport. In the summer period it's also possible to fly from various European countries, such as Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark.

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Istanbul is served by the Ataturk Airport located 28 km west of the city centre. The airport has two terminals and is the airline hub of the country. Most foreign airlines have their offices near Taksim, or along Cumhuriyet Caddesi. The domestic airlines fly in from local cities like Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Konya, Izmir and Trabzon, as well as many European cities. 

By Airway

Turkish Airlines, Atlasjet, Onur Air and Pegasus Airlines  offer flights from Istanbul to Konya Airport (IATA: KYA, ICAO: LTAN), located about 18 km out of city and 10 km. to the Selçuk University

By Bus

Turkey has a very good long-distance bus network with air-conditioned buses, reserved seats and generally good-quality service, at least with the major operators. There are now a few firms providing luxury buses with 1st class seats and service.

Several companies run buses to Konya from İstanbul. It's best if you can reserve your seat a day or so in advance (ask your hotel to help you), but if not, just go to the bus station and you'll probably be on your way comfortably to Konya in an hour or two. For example, five companies run buses on the 663-km (412-mi), 10-hour tripi.

By High Speed Train

The high speed train line between İstanbul and Konya is separated into two sections İstanbul-Eskişehir and Eskişehir-Konya. The line between Eskişehir and Konya opened in March, 2013. The time of travel is 2 hours and runs twice every day. İstanbul and Eskişehir line is currently in construction and  proposed to be completed in October 2013.

Once completed it will be linked with the Marmaray  and this will be the first intercontinental high speed train line running every day.  The estimated time of travel between İstanbul to Konya is 3 and half hours.

The Meram Ekspresi (Meram Express), the nightly all-sleeping-car train between İstanbul (Haydarpaşa) and Konya, has been suspended during work on the high-speed train line to Istanbul. When the high-speed line is opened on October 29, 2013, the Meram Ekspresi may resume running.

There's also the İç Anadolu Mavi Tren (Inner Anatolia Blue Train), a night train between  Istanbul (Haydarpaşa) and Konya with one sleeping car and Pullman cars. Until the high-speed train line opens on October 29, 2013, it runs only between Arifiye (143 km/89 miles east of Istanbul) and Konya.


As the national and international center of political traffic in Anatolia with a ten thousand year history, the capital city of Ankara is in the heart of Turkey with its geographical location and function. The airport has direct flights to 43 international destinations. Turkish term for high-speed train is YHT or Yüksek Hızlı Tren.

Upon arrival on Ankara Esenboğa Airport, there is a direct bus called “HAVAŞ” running every hour from the airport to the train station and to the domestic bus staion “AŞTİ”.

By Bus

There are frequent buses between Ankara and Konya (260 km/162 miles, 3.5 hours), It is possible to obtain bus ticket in AŞTİ within one hour of a next journey.

By High Speed Train

The high speed train between the capital city “Ankara” and Konya is in operation since 2010.  The journey time from Ankara has been massively reduced to just 1:40 h. There is 8 runs from each direction every day. There will be hourly runs with the upcoming 6 sets of new high speed train. For time table please visit the following website: :


Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey with a population of around 3.7 million, the second biggest port after Istanbul, and a very good transport hub. It is a rapidly growing city on the Central Aegean coast of Turkey.

By Airway

Adnan Menderes Airport (IATA: ADB, ICAO: LTBJ), 16 km south of the city center, has several daily flights to Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Antalya. There are also regular flights from many European cities.

By Bus

There is several bus services from İzmir to Konya. The estimated time of travel is 9 hours.

By Train

Konya Mavi Train, with modern air-conditioned sleeping-car with 1 & 2-bed compartments, 4-berth couchettes, reclining pullman seats and a restaurant car. It runs every day and takes 10 hours.


Antalya is one of the major airports on the Southwest of Turkey. The airport is operated in Turkey's primary holiday destination located on the country's Mediterranean coast. The airport was built to accommodate the millions of passengers who come to Turkey's Mediterranean beaches in summer. It handled 25 million passengers in 2011, more than 20 million of which were international passengers. Because of the geographical conditions, there are no trains to Antalya.

By Bus

There are frequent buses between Antalya and Konya  The distance between Antalya and Konya is 365 km (227 miles) and about 3.5 hours. The termınal is separated in two buildings. The larger building obviously houses the long distance bus routes, and the smaller building to the left (west) serves for shorter distance routes including Serik, Manavgat, Side, and Fethiye.


The main university campus “Aleaddin Keykubat Yerleşkesi” is situated 20 km north of the city center and can be easily accessible by regular tram and bus services. The university is on the main road between Afyon and Konya (D300) called “Yeni İstanbul Caddesi".   

Obtaining an “Elkart”

Visitors are recommended to obtain a travel card called “Elkart” for getting around in Konya by buses and trams. Kiosks selling “Elkart” are available nearly in every tram stops for a price of 2.5 TL itself. You also need to top up this card by 5 TL for two journeys. There is only one tram line which travels throughout the city from the center to the Campus. You only need to pay attention on which direction the tram is headed. You may end up with going to the city rather than to the campus. Remember to ask the direction to the driver!.

Travelling by Minibuses “Dolmuş”

Minibuses also called “Dolmuş” are a unique way of transportation locally in the cities of Turkey. There are a number of things to consider. They can be hailed anywhere on their way.  The fee is to be paid by cash to the driver by telling them the desired destination as the fees may vary from distance to distance. There are signs which show the destinations and numbers displayed on the front window.

From the Train Station to the Campus

The distance from the railway station to campus is about 30 km.  Public transportation is available for visitors to reach to the main campus with a simple connection.

When you get off the train walk towards to the operation building. There is a kiosk near to the corner of the building where you can buy an “Elkart”.

As you exit from the station, you will see the public buses waiting in front of the station, going to only one direction to the city center called “Aleaddin Tepesi”.  Take this bus and get off at Aleaddin Tepesi in front of the “İş Bankası” which is the 6th stop. Alternatively taxis are available to take you to the Aleaddin Tepesi.  

There are two options available here. You can take the minibuses or trams. If you choose to take the minibuses, remember that the sign of Selçuk Üniversitesi is shown on the front window of the minibuses. Tell the driver to drop you of at Selçuk Üniversitesi.

The second and more convenient option for the visitors who are new to the city is trams. Across the road , you will see the tram stop where you need to catch the tram to the campus. There is only one tram line running across the city and will take you to the campus in about 45 minutes.

From the Main Bus Station “Otogar” to the Campus

Minibuses and trams are available from Otogar to the campus.

As you get off the bus, walk through the building towards the main road. On the corner of the big junction you will see the tram stop. Just follow the steps explaining “Obtaining Elkart” and “From the Tram Stop to the Erasmus House” sections above. 

Alternatively, you can across the road to hail a minibus to get to the campus.

From the Airport to the Campus

The distance between the Airport and the Campus is about 10 km. There are two options available for transportation to the campus. First, taxis are the most convenient way to get to the campus and will cost you about 25 TL. You need to tell the taxi driver to take you to the “Selçuk Üniversitesi, Erasmus Evi”. The second option is to take the bus called “HAVAŞ” and get off at the main bus station called “Otogar”. And then follow the steps explained above.  

From the Tram Stop to the Erasmus House

The trams have several stops inside the campus. Considering it is a fairly big campus, getting off the wrong place might cost you half an hour on foot to reach Erasmus Dormitory. As the tram enters the university, get off at the first station which is called Selçuk University and then as you walk up the stairs walk to the left about five minutes. You will see the white and pink colored building in front of you that is your dormitory called “Erasmus House”.

From the Minibuses to the Erasmus House

The minibuses run inside the campus. Considering it is a fairly big campus, getting off the wrong place might cost you to reach Erasmus Dormitory half an hour on foot. As soon as the minibus enter through the university gate, you need to get off within 150 meters. You will see the white and pink building just across the road that is your dormitory with the sign of “Erasmus House”.