Step 1- Bilateral Agreement

To be an Erasmus Exchange student at Selçuk University, You should check if there is a Bilateral Agreement between the faculty/department of your home university and the relevant

faculty/department at Selçuk University.


Step 2- Nomination by your home university.

Students should be officially nominated by the Erasmus or International Relations Office of their Universities by e-mail on

The nomination should contain the following information;

a)      Full name, Gender of the student  and e-mail address of your student(s)

b)      Field of study (from which department he/she is nominated)


Step 3- Application

Students will be provided an online application link that will be sent to their specified e-mail address.


Step 4- Application Documents

Students are requested to apply through the Selcuk University Erasmus Online System by filling in application form  and also attach the required enclosures, for example the certificate of the Erasmus status and the preliminary Learning Agreement with the chosen course titles.

*List of courses Offered English

Incoming student online application form (print online application form)

Learning Agreement

Transkrip of Records

All this documents must be posted to Erasmus Coordination Office  before the exchange takes place.

Address: LLP/ERASMUS COORDINATION OFFICE Erasmus Evi (Misafirhane yanı) PK. 42003  Kampüs / Konya –TÜRKİYE


Step- 5 Getting the document

Once we have received your students' application forms they will be forwarded to the departmental/faculty coordinators and to the relevant lecturers for their approval. We will then return these forms to the student's postal address together with an acceptance letter.


Step -6 Visa and Health Insurance

You must take the letter of acceptance to the Turkish consulate  and apply the Student Visa.

You are adviced to arrange an international health insurance before coming to Turkey.


Step- 7 Arragement for Arrival and Buddies

Please inform us before your arrival to arrange accomadation.

Each incoming student can have a Turkish Buddy who can pick up him with arrival to Konya , to take them to the dormitory,  helping them to get settled into their new environment. Your mentor will contact you via email prior to Orientation Week. 



Orientation Day

We strongly encourage all students to take part in the Orientation Day, which takes place in September and February the week before the year/semester begins. It is an ideal opportunity for you to get to know information about Selcuk University , social life in Konya and to make friends and to have a good time.

Enrollment Prosedures

Upon their Arrival in Konya, Erasmus students should enrol their faculty. Mentor students will help to enable about this prosedures.

Appliying for Student ID Card

All Erasmus students receives from the Faculty the temporary student cards, which entitles them to some discounts. The students card also entitles all students to use the Faculty Library and other University objects.

·         You need just one photo to get student card.

Applying for Residence Permit

All erasmus students in Turkey, must register with and obtain a Residence Permit( ikamet belgesi) from Office Of Foreigners( Yabancılar Şubesi) That means after your arrival when you are sure about your permanent address, you need to apply for a residence permit. According to the Turkish Government regulations, residence permit application should be submitted within one month of your arrival

Documents needed when applying for residence permit

*5 Photos

*Original Passport

*Copy of Passport ( Photo page, last entrancepage and visa page)

*Student Certificate

*Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Bilgi Formu ( 2 or 3 forms)

*Declaration for Residence Permit (2 forms)

*149 TL (~ € 70) for resident permit. 



Before you leave the Selcuk University, Erasmus Office will give you the confirmation of attendens and Transkript of Records.

If The Office unable to give you this documents, Documents will be sent to your university or your home address.