Academic Life


Selcuk University has 81 student clubs ranging from fashion to chess, from social responsibility to drama and perform over 300 events annually. Turkey's leading artists, singers, actors and actresses and authors meet with our students within the scope of “Culture and Art Events” hosted annually by our Rectory and Faculties. About 100 thousand people attend these 5-day events.

Alaeddin Keykubat Campus is home to 19 May Torku Arena Sports Hall, which, with a capacity to hold 3.500 spectators, hosts various national and international activities. The 75th Year Sports Hall, where, with a capacity of 500 viewers, basketball, volleyball and handball competitions can be held. Moreover, our university has 3 sports halls, an Olympic stadium covering an area of 10.345 m2 with a capacity of 3.100 viewers, 2 astro pitches, 2 tennis courts and a 10.000 m2 Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool with a capacity of 1.000 viewers. 


Selcuk University Ataturk Student Dormitories located in Alaeddin Keykubat Campus consists of 5 blocks. With a capacity to accommodate 2.160 students, these dormitories have rooms for one, two and four students. A low-priced cafeteria with a 1.680 m2 indoor area serves the students staying at our dormitories.

An Erasmus House was built at Selcuk University to meet the accommodation needs of foreign students who come to Selcuk University through various exchange and cooperation programs, notably Erasmus. This Erasmus House is the only one of its kind in Turkey. The building can accommodate 96 students in its 48 rooms.

Selcuk University does its best to provide its students with inexpensive, healthy and quality meals and serves a 4-course meal to 18.000 students at approximately 1 USD. Menus are prepared in collaboration with a dietitian taking the students' daily energy and nutritional needs into consideration.