Head of Department: Professor Dr. Hüseyin Kandemir

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Professor Dr. Hüseyin Kandemir

Farabi Coordinator: Assistant Professor Dr. Murat Uluoğlu

Mevlana Coordinator Assistant Professor Dr. Leyla Hacızade

ECTS Coordinator: Assistant Professor Dr. Suzan Uluoğlu

Purpose: During the four years of study, the students are instructed to Russian Language, Russian History and Russian culture courses as well as listening and speaking courses. The aim of the Russian Language and Literature undergraduate program is to equip individuals who are conscious, critical, surveyor, bound to ethical values and will be efficient on establishing future with necessary knowledge, abilities and qualities which will allow them to be employed in universities, research and training institutions, public and private fields.

Vision: Our future goal is to educate students who are well educated in both theory and practice with the assistance of our professional academic staff. Besides, our goal is to transform our department into a department teaching Slavonic Language and Literature in addition to Russian Language and Literature like the majority of western universities. One of our goals is to educate individuals who are master of Russian language can translate those of his and others ideas into Russian language effectively, able to understand classical, contemporary and current texts as well as analyzing those texts objectively. In the courses, great works of writers of the 19th century such as Pushkin, Gogol, Turgenev and Tolstoy are instructed. Moreover, the current popular texts of Modern Russia, History of Russian and the development of Russian Language throughout history, contemporary Russian Language and Russian History are instructed in the department. Those courses are sufficient for a well equipped education and they are prepared for students development on language ss.

Mission: We start out with the aim of equipping our students in terms of the cultural, literal and lingual abilities as well as on an active educational basis in order to train them fort he professional work fields in the recent global and universal field in which cultures and languages are blended. The prior goal of our department is to teach Russian language in an advanced level that help to understand the differences and similarities between Russian and Turkish culture understandable and will provide an advantageous position for Turkey in business life.

Program Language: Turkish, Russian

Program Description: The students in Russian Language and Literature Department have courses not only about Russian Language, Russian Literature, Russian History and Russian Culture, but also comprehending and speaking oriented courses during four-years. The aim of undergraduate program of Russian Language and Literature Department is to equip individuals who are conscious, having a critical perspective, researcher, protecting ethical values and having an active role on the process of creating the future with knowledge, s and perfection to work in universities, research and training centers, areas of public and private sector

Admissions Requirements: The general terms of acceptance for Turkish and Foreign students are sufficient to start the program.

Recognition of Prior Learning: The students of Selcuk University can be exempted from some courses within the framework of some regulations. The student can be exempted from the course providing with the accordance of the course contents of the former institution/faculty and Selcuk University.

Graduation Requirements: In addition to the terms based on Selcuk University/Education-Exam Regulation of Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree, 200 ECTS obligatory, 40 ECTS elective total 240 ECTS points and thesis are required.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Selcuk University/Education-Exam Regulation of Associate Degree/ Bachelor Degree is taken as a basis.

Employment Opportunities: By maintaining pedagogical formation Russian Language and Literature Graduates can find the opportunity of employment in public and private schools, translation agencies, publishing houses, tourism, international trade sector.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The students, who graduate from the program, can apply to post-graduate program for studying.