Head of Department: Prof.Dr. Özdemir KOÇAK

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Res. Asst. İlker IŞIK

Farabi Coordinator: Res. Asst. Tülay UĞUR

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer Melda ARCA YALÇIN

Purpose: Protection and repair, firstly not currently under construction, craftsman and technology have been lost, with no ethnographic material goods, antiques, art and cultural property which even today finished product all kinds of precious works of art and archaeological excavations of the material removed from the protection and repair of scientific methods in the future by making these works enables the transfer of generations. "Conservation and Restoration of cultural Heritage" branch of science, in this context maintenance of cultural assets while maintaining the scientific methods of research, scientific publications and aims to provide training in three basic levels of service.

Vision: There are cultural treasures in the titles which require continuous maintenance and repair for various reasons on the ground or under the ground and underwater in need of repair and retention. Cultural assets abroad frequently to the companies involved in the insurance operations, coordination of works to prepare a report on the difficulties in finding competent professional man foreigners engaged in this work, and most of the time. Advanced laboratories founded in Europe in many countries, requirements for maintenance and repair of cultural heritage made and most of the projects for us to accept. In our country the Restoration and Conservation is being carried out by foreigners because of the lack of qualified personnel. As ?Conservation and Restoration of cultural Heritage?, our main principle is that our cultural heritage is conserved by the most exact methods.

Mission: Museums and restoration laboratories of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, work-conservation centers, adequate and competent "professionals" have been needed. The fundamental mission of our department is cultivating qualified persons about this field.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Execution of restoration and conservation work to cover the movable and immovable monuments of cultural heritage is a program based on.

Admissions Requirements: Requirements in registration to Selçuk University are below: a-) To have graduated from a high school or an equivalent vocational school. b-) To have deserved the right of registration to the departments of Selçuk University, according to the result of central placement test or to the SELCUK UNIVERSITY REGULATION FOR THE APPLICATION, ACCEPTANCE AND REGISTRATION OF STUDENTS FROM ABROAD. For the departments accepting students with aptitude and ability tests, to have the required qualifications and a sufficient score valid for that academic year and to succeed in the aptitude and ability test that will be given. c-) To bring documents specified in ÖSYM guide book for registration. d-) Not to be registered to another formal education program or to a quota-restricted university or to a remote training undergraduate program simultaneously for those who have the right to register to an undergraduate program. Also, not to be registered to another formal education program or to an university or to a remote training associate program simultaneously for those who have the right to register to an associate degree. (2) Original or university-certified copy of required documents are accepted. In relation to military status and criminal record, transaction will be performed on the basis of candidates declaration. Applicants who deserve to register to the university must apply personally for the registration. But those who cannot apply personally due to an apology can register through notary proxy holders or legal representatives.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Recognition of prior formal education in Turkish higher education institutes, vertical and horizontal transitions within the university are carried out in respect of the basis of the YÖK determined regulations that are related to the regulation of TRANSITION BETWEEN ASSOCIATE DEGREE AND UNDERGRADUATE-LEVEL PROGRAMS, DOUBLE MAJOR, SUBSPECIALITY AND INTERINSTITUTIONAL CREDIT TRANSFER IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. In Turkey, recognition process of certificate-based or experience-based (informal and non-formal) education except for formal education has not started yet. Therefore, recognition of prior education has not started exactly in all programs of Selçuk University. But for the courses in training plans like Computer, English and German, proficiency exams are held at the ninth of each academic term. Students considering that they provide the expected qualifications have the right to take examinations. Students taking and passing examination are exempted from courses.

Graduation Requirements: In addition to the terms based on Selcuk University/Education-Exam Regulation of Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree, 200 ECTS obligatory, 40 ECTS elective total 240 ECTS points and thesis are required.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Selcuk University/Education-Exam Regulation of Associate Degree/ Bachelor Degree is taken as a basis.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates from this program, "the Restorer and Conservator" as have their employment opportunities in the public and private sectors, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The students, who graduate from the program, can apply to post-graduate program for studying.