Head of Department: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali BAYKAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Res. Assist. Dr. Ülfet DAĞ

Farabi Coordinator: Res. Assist. Meryem KOYUN

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. M. Taner TÜRK

Purpose: Comparative Literature departments, established many years ago particularly in the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany,France and including the eastern and western countries, target to examine the subject of two or more Works, thoughts or form written in different languages and determine common, similar and different aspects of them and get ss of bringing comments on the causes.

Vision: to examine the Works written in German, Arabic, French, English and Russian language within the framework of scientific criteria, to enrich the Turkish literature by comparing these literatures, to ensure success of it that will be forefront of world literature, via linguistics by establishing healthy communication to examine languages diachronically and synchronously.

Mission: The basic function of our department is to train for language, culture, film critics which we always feel lacking in our countrys world of literature, language, and culture. Another important function is to introduce the Turkish culture and literature to the outside world with scientific research and activities as bilingual people, to get all kinds of developments and reflections that occur in this field to Turkish public opinion and train sophisticated people in this scientific field.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description:

Admissions Requirements: Students wishing to enroll in the Department of Comparative Literature have to complete the process set by SSPC at the universitys academic and legal framework of regulations and manage to fulfill the exams. Admission of students is examined and evaulated uniquely by considering each students requirements and the application in accordance with their degrees. Further information is available on the university entrance in University Presentation Catalog. Also See Selçuk University Examination Regulations Article 5)

Recognition of Prior Learning: This regulation stipulates the guidelines for double major and minor degrees within the framework of the following regulations: Transfer within Associate and Bachelors Degree Programs Double Major Degrees Minor Degrees Inter-university Credit Transfer and, Bachelors and Associate Degree Education.

Graduation Requirements: To get the degree, there is no special final exam following the completion of the program or term of proficiency exam. However, there are exams one of them is visa in the middle of each semester , the other is the end of the period (final) exam usually at the end of the two week period immediately following the end of the period. Graduation theses prepared by students must be accepted. In addition, there is a 30 business day compulsory internship implementation.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: SELÇUK UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE and GRADUATE EDUCATION AND EXAMINATION REGULATION is taken into consideration.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates of the department of Comparative Literature have the opportunity to work not only in public institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TRT, State and Private Archive Offices, the Ministry of Industry, but also in the private sector particularly tourism as they possess languages. At the same time, as they work as literary critic ortranslator, due to the nature of interdisciplinary of the program, they have the oppurtunity to find a job in the world of art and media.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Following a successful completion of the Department of Comparative, student can apply to master or PhD degrees in Comparative Literature or programs which accept students from this field on condition that they get eligible marks in ASGET (Academic Staff and Graduate Education Test) and FLE (Foreign Language Exam).