Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Arif SARIÇOBAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Barış METE

Farabi Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahadır Cahit TOSUN

Mevlana Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatma KALPAKLI

ECTS Coordinator: Dr. Hasan Çağlar BAŞOL

Purpose: English Language and Literature Department was founded as one of the four departments of Selçuk University, Faculty of Letters. It started formal education for the first time in 1976 with the students that enrolled in 1976-1977 academic year. Our department has been continuing its dual education service as morning and evening classes. In undergraduate degree, various lectures are given generally on the subjects of English Literature, English Language, Linguistics, Translation, Literary Theory and Practical Criticism. Within the Erasmus + programme, our department has an agreement at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with Jagiellonian University, Kujawy- Pomorze University, Maria Cruie University, PWSZ Krosno University in Poland, Universitat De Les Illes Balears Palma De Mallorca, Universidad De Jaen in Spain, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Foreign Language Division, Cluj in Romania, and also it started to process of agreement with England and Czchec Republic. Most of the graduates of our department have served as English teacher in secondary education of private or formal schools. Our students, who want to use their knowledge and ability in advanced level and develop more, have been able to work as research assistant and lecturer. Since our programme mostly based upon language and culture, our graduates have been able to find work in various work fields such as public relations, media organs, translation, advertising, banking, export- import, and foreign counseling and tourism.

Vision: Our vision is to be notable, active in international field, to be equipped and regarded as a respectable department impressing future, and to get our department to prominent position.

Mission: It is aimed to train intellectual individuals who complied with Atatürks principles and reforms attached to universal norms and T.R. and contribute to his country on national and international scale as according with contemporary life conditions. Besides obtaining ss that they need for their work field after graduation, it is aimed to be taught and be adopted the universal humanistic norms in EU membership process. Department of English Language and Literature generally believes that education of art and literature is of vital importance for developing the country, adopting the tradition of democracy, improving and saving the human values and training people who understand and respect each other. Therefore, towards with the programme, it is aimed to transmit, our own cultural values to the students personal view on art and literature by the help of the lectures in the programme. The students who graduated from our department can work in several sectors such as education, teaching, publishing, tourism and banking contribute to cultural development and national economy as well as social development by using influentially their knowledge in nationwide For instance, lots of our students work as research assistant, instructor in several universities and as teacher in private and public schools.

Program Language: English

Program Description: English Language and Literature Department was established in 1975 as one of the first four departments of the Faculty of Letters of Selçuk University. The teaching activity of the department began after the enrolment of the students for the 1976-77 academic year in 1976. Now the department is working as an active unit of the Faculty of Science and Letters as the two faculties were consolidated after the 1982/2547 Higher Education Act The students are offered a BA program, which comprises courses on English Language, English Literature, American Literature, Linguistics, Translation, Literary Theory and Practical Criticism. The double-session-teaching program aims at providing the students (currently over 500) with a solid foundation in these fields of study. The students of the department are encouraged and expected to contribute freely to classroom activities and develop a critical approach to literature. The majority of the graduates of the program are employed as teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Some of them work as teachers of English Literature where the medium of instruction is English. Others become lecturers or research assistants in the English departments of universities. They also find jobs in private and governmental offices as translators and some of them prefer to work in banks and travel agencies. Both the students and the staff of the department are provided by Selçuk University Computer Centre with central computing and networking facilities for their educational and research needs.

Admissions Requirements: Acceptance of Student for the programme is published in detail under the title of `acceptance of student, in section `About Selçuk University.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Recognition of former education in Turkish Higher Education institutions vertical, lateral and intercollegiate transfers are fulfilled according to regulation, defined by Council of Higher Education, which is related to transfers between associate and post-graduate degree and credit transfers between double major and minor programs. In Turkey except for formal education institutions, recognition process of informal and non-formal education which is based upon certificate or experiment is still on the onset. For that reason, recognition of former education has not been started completely.

Graduation Requirements: To complete successfully all courses in program (total 240 ECTS) and have 2.00 grade point average on the scale of 4.00 are capability conditions for graduation.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: The model of assessment and evaluation for each course is described in course teaching plan in detail.

Employment Opportunities: English Language and Literature graduates find employment opportunities in these fields: several public institutions (Turkish radio and television corporation ,the ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of culture and tourism, ministry of national education etc..) publishing houses, tabloid magazines, literature and culture magazines, newspapers, movie studios ,international institutions, projects and institutions related with European Communities. By developing translation ss, graduates can work as an oral or document translator in some fields which have a special terminology such as medicine, architecture, economy, automotive, archeology, and law. They can also work in tourism sector. By maintaining pedagogical formation they can work as teacher in public and private schools. English language and Literature graduates can continue their work field by continuing their career on academic area (at a level of postgraduate and doctorate) under the umbrella of university.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: A candidate who successfully completed his undergraduate education can study in his own or related field in postgraduate program providing that take s/he has a valid result from ALES exam and have advanced English grammar knowledge.