Head of Department: Prof.Dr. Galip BALDIRAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator:

Farabi Coordinator: Res. Asst. Esra BÜYÜKŞAHİN

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer Orhan DİRİÖZ

Purpose: Aım: During a five year study, Department of French Language and Literature operates a tematic and diverse curriculum that enables students to acquire a good command of comprehension, writing and speaking in French as well as to gain a broad knowledge of French language, literature, linguistics, history and culture. The principal aim of our program is to train individuals who respect national and international ethic values, who are sensitive to others, tolerant of personal values, productive, bringing different points of view and changing and developing themselves and others. By these means, graduates can choose various careers such as employment in public or private institutions, in research and education centers, in major business firms, banks and in government agencies. Graduates who complete advanced level studies in graduate school work as faculty members at universities and at academic institutions. Numerous graduates also serve as civil servants after taking national examinations. With an expert staff, departments vision is to prepare its students to life under the guidance of scientific thought and cultural richness.

Vision: Vision: Our departments principal vision is to be a nationally and internationally respected academic unit not only by its broad scientific and cultural means, but also by the perspective which it will bring in science and in the countrys development.

Mission: Mıssıon: Our department intends to raise indivduals who have certain requirements of the contemporary world, who are creative, -minded and able to research and to find practical solutions.

Program Language: Language of the Programme: Turkish, French

Program Description: Deion of Programme: Department of French Lnaguage and Literature has been founded in 1977 ? 78 academic year in Selcuk University, Faculty of Letters, Konya. At first years, courses were lectured by Prof. Dr. Cemil GÖKER, Doç. Dr. Atilla TOLUN from Faculty of Humanities of Ankara University and Prof. Dr. Tuğrul İNAL from Hacettepe University. In the following years, our department formed its own academic staff and still goes on with its own staff. After Prof. Dr. Muharrem Şens resignation from department, the precidency is being uted by Prof. Dr. Galip BALDIRAN. At the moment, our department has two Professors, one Associated Professor, one Assistant Professor, one lecturer and two Research Assistants. Because the majority of the students of our department come from high schools providing education in English, we thought that it would be necessary to French preparation classes. Our department provides five years education including preparation class. The current number of students is 212 for day classes and 81 for night classes. The student profile, especially in recent years, is constituted by students who know English very well. For our country at the edge of EU accession, it is inevitable to know a second foreign language. We are of the opinion that it is appropriate to English and Russian classes as a second or third foreign languages ning from the preparation class. It is our aim to provide reading, comprehension, writing and speaking ss in all three languages to our students. Additionally, our students have the option of taking courses within the lateral programme in the departments of Turkish language and literature, German language and literature, Russian language and literature, Sociology, Archeology, History and Art History.

Admissions Requirements: Terms of acceptance and registration: Acceptence of Student for the programme is published in detail under the title of `acceptance of student, in section `About Selçuk University.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Recognition of former study: Recognition of former education in Turkish Higher Education institutions vertical, lateral and intercollegiate transfers are fulfilled according to regulation, defined by Council of Higher Education, which is related to transfers between associate and post-graduate degree and credit transfers between double major and minor programmes. In Turkey except for formal education institutions, recognition process of informal and non-formal education which is based upon certificate or experiment is still on the onset. For that reason, recognition of former education has not been started completely.

Graduation Requirements: Terms of Graduation: To complete successfully all courses in programme (total 240 ECTS) and have 2.00 grade point average on the scale of 4.00 are capability conditions for graduation.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Assessment and Evaluation Principals: The model of assessment and evaluation for each course is described in course teaching plan in detail.

Employment Opportunities: Employment opportunities: For graduates of French language and literature, there are opportunities to work in various government agencies, publishers, magazines, literary and cultural magazines, newspapers, film studios and international organizations, institutions and projects associated with the European Community. Graduates can work as translators by developing their translation ss in areas having its own terminology such as medicine, architecture, economics, archeology, automotive and law. In addition to all, they can work in the tourism sector. By maintaining pedagogical formation, they can also work as teacher in the public and private institutions. Graduates of the department can continue to pursue their careers in academic field with master and doctoral studies, and they can also contribute to scientific studies in academic field under the roof of university.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Transition to Higher Programmes: A candidate who successfully completed his undergraduate education can study in his own or related field in postgraduate programme providing that take s/he has a valid result from ALES exam and have advanced English grammar knowledge.