Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Asuman BALDIRAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Asuman BALDIRAN

Farabi Coordinator: Arş. Gör. Dr. Aytekin BÜYÜKÖZER

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Arş. Gör. Dr. Zeliha GİDER BÜYÜKÖZER

Purpose: To provide academic training on prehistoric and historic periods of Anatolian/regional Archaeology in the light of material culture.

Vision: Students of the department will be able to a pioneering scientist, museum curator, expert of the Protection Boards or specialist of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism when they graduated as archaeologist.

Mission: Students of the department closely follow the archaeological excavations and research in the scientific field and adapt their experiences, knowledge and ss to the field. Reveals of Turkey's cultural heritage within the framework of the scientific methods Share the results in the scientific environment. Ensure the protection of cultural property incorporate scientific methods. Through education and training, as well as archaeological field work to train individuals who are capable of transferring knowledge, contemporary, free, able to express themselves and fair-minded.

Program Language: The program's language is Turkish except some of the common English programs.

Program Description: The fields of study are Prehistory, Proto-history, Classical Archaeology and Underwater Archaeology.

Admissions Requirements: Passing grade of the examination of OSYM for Turkish Students for the B.A. program. Passing from the special examination of the Faculty for the programs on master and PhD are necessary.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Regulations on the transfer between institutions of the Turkish Higher Education Council applied for students from other Turkish Universities or foreign institutions of higher education who wish to transfer to the Department of Archaeology.

Graduation Requirements: At least 240 credits of courses have to successfully complete in eighth semester.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Upon successful completion of the undergraduate program, students can apply to study in graduate programs of the University or other higher education institutions.

Employment Opportunities: Grads can hire in Higher Education Institutions as academicians, museums and historical sites of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Cultural Heritage Protection Boards, Restoration and Conservation laboratories, private companies, archaeological excavations and surveys, various public and private business sectors as expert archaeologists.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Department has several Erasmus and other International agreements on undergraduate and graduate programs. To learn the further details of these programs, please contact to the department.