P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 1. Agriculture, microbiology, food, grasp the basic knowledge in chemistry and marketing,
P.Ç.2 2. Medicinal and aromatic plants and collection after collection of dried and stored to be informed about the deterioration
P.Ç.3 3- In cosmetics, to have knowledge about the plants used in perfumery
P.Ç.4 4- wool, to have knowledge about native plants used in formal painting
P.Ç.5 5. To understand the importance of ecological conditions for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants,
P.Ç.6 6. Plant morphological, anatomical, cytological, to have knowledge about the physiological and biochemical structures
P.Ç.7 7- improve the agricultural information technology, learning, and ensure the use of the information programs,
P.Ç.8 8. Nature of the collected plants and recognition of field crops under cultivation, to make the production of finished and semi-finished materials to gain the ability to produce
P.Ç.9 9. Medical and recognition of plants of economic value, cultural practices, having the knowledge of harvesting and threshing equipment issues
P.Ç.10 10- to obtain statistical information and help in the interpretation,
P.Ç.11 11 have sufficient knowledge and skills of sales and marketing medicinal and aromatic plants
P.Ç.12 12 interaction with the environment can understand the genetics of plants in the growth of agricultural production and to provide the knowledge of new varieties with increased yield method
P.Ç.13 13 medicinal plants of substances that can increase the production of food crops and ensure the use of fertilizers containing them
P.Ç.14 14. Knowledge of the active substance content of the plants used in the treatment, the removal of the agent and used to teach the method
P.Ç.15 15. Medical supplies and reliable production of plant materials in the field of agriculture, development, and understand the importance of location
P.Ç.16 16. The project uting ensure that the knowledge and experience on a specific subject
P.Ç.17 17 can establish healthy communication with stakeholders in agriculture, to have professional ethics
P.Ç.18 18. Plant production loss recognize diseases and pests that occur and to know the necessary protection measures