P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 1- After the collection of plants and agriculture is done and done to have collected information about the storage of drying and deterioration
P.Ç.2 2-Recognition of plants of economic value in the Nature and agricultural production, cultural actions, having the knowledge of harvesting and threshing equipment issues
P.Ç.3 3- Plant morphological, anatomical, cytological, to have knowledge about the physiological and biochemical structures
P.Ç.4 4- loss of production in plants recognize diseases and pests that occur and to know the necessary protection measures
P.Ç.5 5. Agriculture, microbiology, food, and to understand the basics of chemistry,
P.Ç.6 6- learn the basic principles of organic agriculture science and apply information technology to improve agriculture, to ensure the use of information and programs to learn
P.Ç.7 7- for the cultivation of plants in agriculture is important to understand that ecological conditions,
P.Ç.8 8- organic vegetable production (field crops, fruit and vegetable growing and viticulture) Identify, cultivate, store, certification and marketing
P.Ç.9 9- gain the ability to understand the basic concepts of science and related subjects to produce organic animal products
P.Ç.10 10- cultivation of organic animal products to ensure the production of organic feed, plant area of grassland and grassland conservation and the production of fodder crops to provide the storage and certification
P.Ç.11 11. Agriculture made and not made, the supply of reliable production materials in agriculture, development, and understand the importance of location
P.Ç.12 12 interaction with the environment can understand the genetics of plants in the growth of agricultural production and to provide the knowledge of new varieties with increased yield method
P.Ç.13 13. Agricultural production does not harm the environment may increase plant nutrients and to ensure the use of fertilizers containing them
P.Ç.14 14. The project uting ensure that the knowledge and experience on a specific subject
P.Ç.15 15 Professional, to take part in social ethics and scientific training with the necessary technical elements as teamwork and individual responsibility to take necessary
P.Ç.16 16- evaluate new developments and applications in the field of organic agriculture and implement
P.Ç.17 17-can establish healthy communication with stakeholders in agriculture, to have professional ethics
P.Ç.18 18- ecosystems, biodiversity and sustainable management of agriculture, rural development, the development of the agricultural and agro-technology planning and use them to understand the impact of human life