Head of Department: Lecturer Günel YILMAZ

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Lecturer Günel YILMAZ

Farabi Coordinator: Lecturer Fatih Mehmet ÇOLAK

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer Günel YILMAZ

Purpose: an work in modern Turkeys needed by research and development, the developer has the ethical, principled, respectful of human values, which can draw the technical drawings of machine parts by hand or on computer, can read drawn ready pictures and train technical staff with practical knowledge and skills capable of their manufacture.

Vision: Preferred by the graduates of the sector and sought, leading to the development of the horizons of human knowledge and practical experience with high technical staff in educating students to choose a program that is located in the first row.

Mission: Üretken, araştırmacı, öz güven sahibi, etik değerlere duyarlı, ilgili sektörlerin gelişimine katkı sağlayan, toplumda sosyo-kültürel hayata katkı sağlayan, yeterli teknik eğitim, bilgi ve becerisine sahip. Değişen koşullara uyum sağlayan, teknolojik gelişmeleri takip eden nitelikli bireyler yetiştirmek.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Machine Image Construction Program, as a technician level, design and manufacturing methods, drawing, mold information, materials, hydraulic and pneumatic engineering, and so on. vocational courses with the accumulation of the machine capable of computer-aided design technicians are trained. The program is a two-year education degree program. Consists of 4 semesters. A total of 15 weeks of classes are taught each semester. There is also a 30-day probation period 2.

Admissions Requirements: Candidates must have a high school or equivalent diploma and YGS-Higher Education schools should have received enough points from the Entrance Exam. Vocational school graduates transition without examination, while high school graduates are placed with YGS-1 score.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Students studying in the program, may be exempt from some courses according to certain regulations. The content of the courses taken at another institution and credit, where appropriate, the content of the courses offered in the program and approved by the School of Management students may be exempted from this course.

Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate from associate degree program, students must take in the programs of compulsory and elective courses in all (total 120 ECTS) to be successful, and both the academic year at the end of compulsory internship will be done (Based Industrial Training - E) should be completed in 30 business days. Students in this program 2 years (4 semesters) are trained.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: o enroll at the ning of the semester each course and to enter the final exam period at least Some 70% of the courses, while the application is required to be continued for at least 80%. Students are subjected to at least one midterm and final exam for each course. Success grade, midterm exam (homework as a midterm exam, laboratory test, the scores obtained from measuring tools such as quizzes can be evaluated) contributed 40%, while the contribution of the final exam is 60%. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. A student AA, BA, BB, CB and CC not considered successful in that course. DC and DD are conditional success grades. DC and DD notes that students take to be successful in a course of weighted grade point average must be at least 2.0 SEMESTER.

Employment Opportunities: Students who graduate from the program in the machining and chipless engaged in manufacturing machinery manufacturing industry, "Production, Quality Control, Plant Maintenance Technician, Draftsman" are employed with the title. There are also opportunities for vertical transmission to the relevant section of the Faculty of Engineering. At the same time the school is able to switch to the NCO exam.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Machine Design and Construction of the students who graduate from the program Shipbuilding universities and Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Operations, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Agriculture vertical to machine Undergraduate Program will be able to pass.