P.Ç.Program Çıktıları
P.Ç.1 1. Use the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Basic Engineering, mathematics and science for engineering solutions.
P.Ç.2 2. Know the basic level of computer software and hardware required by the field and use it in areas related to Professional Works.
P.Ç.3 3. Make the statistical analysis in the field of Demographic and socio-economic data.
P.Ç.4 4. Know spatial and non-spatial data and their collection methods in GIS.
P.Ç.5 5. Teamwork skills: Works with success in other platforms with a member of team with enhancing diagnotistics and assuming individual capabilities.
P.Ç.6 6. Project design skills: Ability to success develops and evaluates the project from basic designing phase to advanced design phase.
P.Ç.7 7. Reporting and project written ability: Ability to prepare project, research and oral presentation of the projects which are prepared in basic level.
P.Ç.8 8. Mapping technologies: Knows the information about the scale, cartography, projection systems and Cartesian coordinate systems.
P.Ç.9 9. The ability to benefit from example: ing Project for the development of programs and issues and reveals the contents of suitable examples.
P.Ç.10 10. Spatial Perception: Two- and three- dimensional spatial perception s and develops visual perception.
P.Ç.11 11. Information Research Skills acquisition, assessment , record, and make implementation.
P.Ç.12 12. Numerical analysis skills :Knows the basic level required in solving mathematical problems related to space and obtain the analytical thinking skills.
P.Ç.13 13. Geographical data analysis and interpretation: Uses the computer technologies and scientific techniques to establish environmental-location-data relationships, geographic, cultural and physical data analysis which are constituting the nature
P.Ç.14 14. e spatial data and integration: Knows the photogrammetry, remote sensing and geodesy techniques in basic level to integrate different data and conversions. Considering to the different terrain models, knows the solution and interpretation techniques to solve the problems.
P.Ç.15 15. Project management. Become a project manager in every stage of the project in the field of Geographical Information Systems.
P.Ç.16 16. Human Behavior and cultural differences: Understand the interaction between human and physical environment that acterize different cultures with the demand of patterns and behaviors. Knows a foreign language to be able to follow the developments in its own field and applies effective connection techniques.
P.Ç.17 17. Respecting the national and cultural values, and with a sense of social responsibility and professional ethics.
P.Ç.18 18. Occupational safety, occupational health, environmental protection and quality