Head of Department: Lecturer HALİME ASLAN

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Lecturer Emine CANTÜRK

Farabi Coordinator: Lecturer Emin Emre ÖZTÜRK

Mevlana Coordinator Lecturer Emin Emre ÖZTÜRK

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer HALİME ASLAN

Purpose: Department of Architectural Restoration aims to educate qualified technical staff who is equipped with the necessary concepts and terminology, required professional knowledge and skills, assimilated ethical principles,and to educate technical staff required in this sector to work in the public sector and the private sector.

Vision: Vision of the Department of Architectural Restoration, is to educate restorators who are successful in business, reliable, sensitive to the cultural heritage and who regard professional ethics and moral values

Mission: Mission of the BOZKIR VOCATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION Department of Architectural Restoration, is to take part in training qualified technical staff who will play a role in the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage in order to hand them down to the future generations. To be in the dynamics of the process Restoration and conservation developments.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: The program is two-year associate degree program which aims to educate and train restorer technicians who can achieve immovable and movable cultural assets without changing the structural and visual properties, protecti against adverse effects, stoop tearing, repair destroyed sections in accordance with scientific principles in our country with thousands of years of civilization.

Admissions Requirements: The applicant should have a high school or its equivalent diploma and the other requirements are determined by OSYM ( Student Selection and Placement Center ) in accordance with the applicable legislation of YOK (Higher Education Council)

Recognition of Prior Learning: In diesem Abschnitt students enrolled, according to certain regulations may be exempt from some courses. Loan from another institution and course content, the course content of this program is appropriate and if it is approved by the director of college students may be exempt from this course.

Graduation Requirements: Student, completing 120 AKTS/ECTS credits will be deemed eligible for graduation

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Assessment and Grading: As a general rule assessment includes a midterm exam(40%) and a final exam (60%). For some courses additional midterm or projects can be requested

Employment Opportunities: Architectural Restoration Program graduates employment areas in our country is quite large. Graduates of our program "Restoration Technician" working in the fields of restoration with the title of the public (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Central Laboratory of Restoration and Conservation, Surveying and Monuments Directorate, General Directorate of Foundations, Protection Application Control Offices - KUDEB, ...) and private institutions, laboratories, construction sites and offices, museums and palaces belonging to the Department of National Palaces and private museums, archaeological teams of architects and the technical staff are employed as construction sites.

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