Head of Department: Leturer Mustafa Melih Külcü

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Leturer Mustafa Melih Külcü

Farabi Coordinator: Leturer Mustafa Melih Külcü

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Leturer Mustafa Melih Külcü

Purpose: To bring up capable, qualified and sful fellows who have theorical and practical knowledge in the field of tourism, effective and eterprising.

Vision: To be beneficial to the day by day growing tourism sector in the world by bringing up youngs who can comment on the events around and who have universal and ethic values, integrated with theory, practice and technology, enterprising, researcher and who have social responsibilities and therefore to contribute to the country and the region.

Mission: To graduate quality students who are ready to contribute to the tourim sector in international fields and donated with basic knowledge, talent and research tecniques.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: The Programme of Tourism and Hotel Management has been in service in 1989-1990 with 8 girls and 22 boys. Our programme which gives associate degree education is a two-year period school. In 1992-1993, evening education classes have been in service. To meet the needs in tourism sector, the prepration classes were in 2002-2003 and the education priod bacame 3 year- long. In our school, our students have been provided with an intensive foreign language education starting from prep classes. There have been 25 hours English lessons and being successful is obligatory. In the first year, 4 hours of Enlish a week is given in both half terms, in the second year in addition to 4 hours of English a week in both half terms, 3 hours of German a week is given. Also our studens have education on computer usage and on the usage of packet programmes such as Galileo, Fidelio, Elektra,Sentez, Sis-Par, Mod, etc? in practice in 3 seperate computr laboratories. In our university library, there are all vocational books, magazines and periodicals in service. In order to give the vocational lessons in practise, our school has been in toch with the businesses in the related sectors and therefore our studens have the chance to implement their theoretical knowledge into practice. In our vocational school, a 100 capacity restaurant which is in servive as Alacarte and Buffet meal, a pub unit and a practice-kitchen have let our students develop themselves in the field of food&beverage . Also, in housekeeping practice-room, the lessons are given in practice. There has been also an obligatory training programme in the summer term of the first year students and second year students to know about the sector closer. Vocational training places are high standart businesses which the school determined( 3-4-5 star hotels,food&beverage businesses with touristic documents, Airway businesses, Group A Travel Agencies) and vocational training period is of 12 weeks.

Admissions Requirements: The programme accept the following department students of the vocational high schools: Accomadation and Food Technology, Cookery, Nutriment Tecnhnology-Institution Nutrition, Nutriment Tecnhnology-Pastry, Nutriment and House Management, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Hotel Business and Tourism, Pastry Making, Reception, Servicing, Tourism, Marine Tourism, Travel Acency, Animation, being host and hostess, Tour Operator, Hotel Business and Management. These students will benefit from the right to enroll without having an exam while the other high school gradates will be put into our school according to the university exam result paper which is point-5( YGS-5).

Recognition of Prior Learning: The students who registered to the programme can the first class. Meanwhile, the students who come from other universities can exempt from the lessons that they had already studied.

Graduation Requirements: To complete the programme in success, all the lessons in present should exceed 120 AKTS, be at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and should complete the 12 week training programme in success.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Every student should register for lessons and in order to be able to go into the period-end exams, they should have attended at least %70 of the lessons and %80 of the practises. The students have been put at least one mid-term exam and period-end exam for each lesson. The effect of the mid-term exam to the success grade is %40, and the period-end exam is %60. All the exams have been evaluated over 100 points. It is obligatory to get at least 30 points from the period-end examination. When a student get AA, BA, BB, CB and CC, then he is successful. DC and DD grades are conditional acceptance to be able to be successful from a lesson with those grades, their average grade should be at least 2.00.

Employment Opportunities: The Department graduates can run their own businesses as a pension or pub owner which dont require a big amount of capital in our country in which tourism develops rapidly. They can also work as a wage worker in the following businesses:Hotel Manager, Front-Office Manager, Food&Beverage Manager, Pub Director, Restaurant Chef, Chef Waiter, Waiter, Reception Chef, Receptionist, Housekeeping Director, Housekeeping Chef. In food&beverage Businesses as a Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Chef, Chef Waiter, Barman, Barmaid, etc? In travel agencies as a Tour Director, Information Officer, etc.. In the souvenir shops as a Shop Manager, salesperson, etc? In the different stages of the Ministery of Tourism, employment facilities at the touristic establishments which belong to the public. Academic Career opportunity for successful and talented students. Working facilities at tourism-out fields.. Working facilities at private banks, Export-Import Businesses and other public and private sector businesses?

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Students who have completed associate degree programme can move over to the 4-year Faculties and Higher Education by entering DGS exam. Then these students will be exempted from the lessons that they had already studied in the associate programme by the other school.