Head of Department: Lecturer Ahmet BİROL

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Lecturer M.Sami ÖZTÜRK

Farabi Coordinator: Lecturer M.Sami ÖZTÜRK

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer Erdinç ÇAKIR

Purpose: The purpose of Design Department Graphic Design Program is to develop ss and knowledge in order to and present the ideas visually required by graphic designers.

Vision: Can keep the quality of education and training at the highest level, that leads to generate solutions to the problems of our region and our country, in cooperation with stakeholders, with emphasis on interdisciplinary work, adopted the principles of total quality management, continuous improvement is a department.

Mission: Design Department, aims to raise awareness, develop communication strategies, able to follow technological developments, have adopted lifelong learning, applying scientific methods, respect ethical values, solve the problem of any kind of visual design, research, cultured, talented designers about the developments in Turkey and the world.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: This associate degree program is aimed to gain at. 5. level of professional and academic qualifications.

Admissions Requirements: In accordance with the relevant legislation of YÖK is determined by the ÖSYM.

Recognition of Prior Learning: The process of the recognition of prior learning in Turkish Higher Education Institutions is at starting point. So, the recognition of prior learning has not completely started yet in any programs of Selçuk University. However, exemption exams for english lessons are applied at the ning of academic terms. The students who regard themselves as having the learning outcomes of these lessons can take the exams. And, the students who achieve these exams are exempted from these lessons.

Graduation Requirements: The students are required to pass all the courses in the programme (equivalent to 120 ECTS in total), to get at least 2.0 Great Point Average ( GPA ) OVER 4.00 in total, and to complete two times the training period of 30 workdays in order to be able to achieve the programme.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: All the students have to register for the courses at the ning of each term, and have to join at least % 70 off all the courses and % 80 off all the practices in order to be able to have final exams. The students have at least 1 mid. term exam and final exam for each course. The mid. term. exam contributes %40 and the final exam contributes %60 to total grade. All the exams are assessed over 100 scoring tem. The students who get one of the letter Marks such as ( AA ), ( BA ), ( BB ), ( CB ), and ( CC ) are accepted to achieve the course. The letter Marks such as (DC) AND (DD) mean contıdıonally successful. Moreover, a student is required to get at least 2.0 Great Point Average ( GPA ) in order to be successful in the course whose work is ( DC ) or ( DD ).

Employment Opportunities: The graduate of department are employed at graphic, press and publication, web and multimedia applications, visual communication, advertising, photography areas, printing Office and publishing offices also they can work as a freelance designer.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: The students who pass the Vertical Transfer Exam can continue undergraduate programs. Also they can graduate from undergraduate of education.