Head of Department: Lecturer Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Lecturer Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

Farabi Coordinator: Lecturer Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

Mevlana Coordinator

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer Seyfettin Caner KUZUCU

Purpose: The Banking and Insurance Program aims to meet expert and medium-level manager needs of the financial sector, especially those who are informed in banking and insurance area as well as in operation and procedures of money markets.

Vision: It aims to train staff for the sector who have enough knowledge about Banking, Insurance and Finance who know the main principles of Banking and Insurance and who know the process in the firms.

Mission: We aim to supply the increasing demand for well trained staff in the field of banking and insurance sector.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: The program aims the train qualified professional staff for banking and insurance sector which occupies a great place in our countrys finance tem.

Admissions Requirements: Graduates of Business Collages do not have to do the University Entrance Exam, and if there are any vacant placements, the acceptance and registry conditions are determined by OSYM in accordance with YOK Regulations.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Students might be privileged of the subjects they have studied on other equal schools with the decision of the Board of Directors.

Graduation Requirements: To successfully complete the program, all of the courses available in the program (120 ECTS) to pass, at least 2.0 on a 4.00 weighted GPA and a 60-day mandatory to obtain the student must successfully complete the internship.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: In this programme, the students have been put at least one mid-term exam and period-end exam for each lesson to be able to be successful from a lesson. The effect of the mid-term exam to the success grade is %40, and the period-end exam is %60.

Employment Opportunities: The graduated students of the programs can firstly and particularly work in banks and in accounting firms. They are able to sustain their careers in private or public banks, in financial establishments, in accounting companies, in accounting departments of different sectors and in data processing centers. The ones who want to work as insurers are able to establish their own establishments as well as working in private and public corporations which offer insurance services. Besides, the grads have the opportunity for not just working for their own fields but also for working in different fields of finance sector. The departments such as the units in which the finance and banking processes of the corporations are conducted, leasing companies, reassurance companies, capital market intermediary institutions, companies which do credit analysis, national and international auditing firms are also fields in which the students can work when they graduate. The graduates of Banking and Insurance Program are taking their places in the real and finance sector as qualified employees with theoretical and technical infrastructure who are needed by the sector. They are recruited in all establishments in the financial tem such as banks, insurance companies and agencies in the first place, in the finance departments of institutions in the real sector as well as in the public sector.

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