Bilmer About

BILMER, which was put into service in 2004 as a department in Selcuk University, Computer Sciences Application and Research Centre, has 5000 square meter closed area.

It’s a three-storey Computer Centre and the entrance leads to the hall. In this hall, there are 600 PCs. These PCs can be used by both our students and academic staff for seven days from 9 am to 9 pm.

Our students can use these PCs for variable purposes such as; internet access, program developing, studying and researching. According to our students’ demands and within our facilities software licenses are provided and are brought into use.

The Central Computer Laboratory, was put into service on the ground floor in BİLMER, at the beginning of 2012-2013 Fall Term. There are 500 high capacity computers, 7 classes and 1 project laboratory and they are all available for our academic units.

An infrastructure, which includes 80 security cameras, is used for the safety of the centers.

A 72 square meter canteen is available for the needs of the students and staff in the Computer Centre.

With all the above mentioned qualities, BİLMER is the biggest computer center in Turkey and it is one of the several samples all around the world.