Head of Department: Lecturer Hatice Saray

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Lecturer Dr. Metehan Ortakarpuz

Farabi Coordinator: Lecturer Hale Akin

Mevlana Coordinator Lecturer Dr. Mehmet Burak Ceran

ECTS Coordinator: Abdullah Oktay DÜNDAR

Purpose: To be a program which contributes to meeting the needs of qualified intermediate staff that can be employed in any department of the business or that can work in manager assistant and mid-level managerial positions needed by public and private sector. Besides this, to produce graduates who can adapt to the conditions required by change, who can solutions for the problems encountered in the enterprises by determining them, who have professional ethic values and who can and run their own businesses.

Vision: Our vision is to be a department which is preferred by the students and employees by training intermediate staff who support to local, regional and national development in the global competitive environment and who have the appropriate quality and sufficiency for the business world.

Mission: To bring qualified intermediate staff in our business world, who will increase the competitiveness of the public and private sector and who are innovative, entrepreneur and etc. with the understanding of professional ethics, by educating them in accordance with the international quality and standards and taking into account the global trends of the business world as well.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: Students in the program are equipped with business administration knowledge. Our students, who acquire the equipment needed by the business world through the courses like management, production, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, economics, law and foreign language, gain work experience by doing internship.

Admissions Requirements: Candidates must have high school and equivalent school diploma and must have received an adequate score from the University Entrance Exam.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Students enrolled in Management and Organization may be exempt from some courses within certain regulations. Provided that the content and credit of the courses taken from another institution are in conformity with the content of the course in this program, the student may be exempted from that course.

Graduation Requirements: The program period is 4 semesters (2 years). Passing all the courses available and achieving at least 2.00 CGPA are required in order to complete the program successfully. In addition, 30+30-work-day training course must be completed successfully.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: All the students have to register for the courses at the ning of each term, and have to join at least % 70 off all the courses and % 80 off all the practices in order to be able to have final exams. The students have at least 1 mid. term exam and final exam for each course. The mid. term. exam contributes %40 and the final exam contributes %60 to total grade. All the exams are assessed over 100 scoring tem. The students who get one of the letter Marks such as ( AA ), ( BA ), ( BB ), ( CB ), and ( CC ) are accepted to achieve the course. The letter Marks such as (DC) AND (DD) mean conditionally successful. Moreover, a student is required to get at least 2.0 Great Point Average ( GPA ) in order to be successful in the course whose work is ( DC ) or ( DD ). To be succesful in a course, the letter grade received must be at least CC. The instructor may level down the necessary point for CC letter grade. Students should repeat any course that they couldnt pass.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates of the program have a very broad employment opportunities. They are able to be employed as an intermediate staff in the marketing, finance, accounting, banking, insurance, public relations and human resources departments of all the businesses including public and private sector. They are able to find a job in places such as public accountant and certified public accountant offices finance, accounting, marketing, personnel, buying, public relations departments of small and big business accounting and personnel departments of various government entities tax authorities investment and finance corporations public and private banks.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: On condition that the graduates of the program get a sufficient score from the Vertical Transition Exam, they will be able to continue undergraduate programs such as Banking, Banking and Finance, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Business Administration, Business Information Management, Business Teaching, Health Institutions Management, Capital Market, Insurance Business and Risk Management, International Finance, International Business, International Trade, International Trade and Finance, International Trade and Business, Management and Information Systems, Business Informatics and Logistics Management.