Head of Department: Lecturer Hatice Saray

Erasmus Co-ordinator: Lecturer Dr. Metehan Ortakarpuz

Farabi Coordinator: Öğr. Gör. Hale AKIN

Mevlana Coordinator Lecturer Dr. Mehmet Burak Ceran

ECTS Coordinator: Lecturer Hatice Saray

Purpose: This program aims to educate students who can work in various units of municipalities, local government institutions and private administrations. In order to be skilled professional staff, students take courses about politics, law, public administration, urbanization and environmental issues about education which enables them to become contemporary, environmentally friendly, analytical thinking, innovative and free thinkers.

Vision: Enabling the implementation of the many services on the local and regional nature of the country and brought up the importance of a growing local government agencies and producing projects for local authorities and services to meet the skilled labor requirements, researchers, train staff has the ability to apply modern management techniques.

Mission: Democratic, transparent, participatory management, and support the formation of an effective way to ensure that the presentations are in education and the management of public services in place at the country level to accelerate the regional development institutionalized.

Program Language: Türkçe

Program Description: An Associate Degree Program in LOCAL ADMINISTRATION is a 120 ECTS Credits, 2-year program. The program meets the requirements by both the ECTS credits and level deors of the first cycle degree qualifications of the Overarching Framework of European Qualifications Framework HE(QF-EHEA) and the 5th level qualifications of the Turkish Qualifications Framework for HE (TYYÇ, NQF-HETR). The level deors also meet the 5th level requirements of the qualifications of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF-LLL)

Admissions Requirements: Candidates must have high school and equivalent school diploma and must have received an adequate score from the University Entrance Exam.

Recognition of Prior Learning: (ECTS) and the compatibility of the course content is searched.

Graduation Requirements: To obtain an Associate Degree students must take the compulsory and elective courses (total 120 ECTS) and all must be successfully completed and at least 2.0 overall GPA of 4.00.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Each student can take the final exam period for courses Some 70% of the minimum, practical courses are required to have at least continued to and 80%. Students are subjected to at least one midterm and final exam for each course final. Success grade, midterm exams (midterm homeworks, laboratory exams, the scores obtained from measuring tools such as quizzes, etc. can be evaluated) contribution of 40%, while the contribution of final final exam is 60%. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. A student who fails a course, instead of final exam to be successful from the course exam to enter a second time shall be subject to supplementary examinations. A student AA, BA, BB, CB and CC notes from one of the students, that are considered successful course. DC and DD are conditional success. DC and DD weighted grade student to be successful in a course where the grade point average must be at least 2.0.

Employment Opportunities: Graduates from Provincial Governments Program can work for metropolitan municipalities, district municipalities, the European Union local offices, governors offices and the other public bodies and private sector offices.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Local Government finishers our associate program if they are successful in Vertical Crossing Exam given by OSYM countries and universities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus