Head of Department: Lecturer Ayşe CABİ

Erasmus Co-ordinator: -

Farabi Coordinator: -

Mevlana Coordinator -

ECTS Coordinator: -

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Civil Aviation Cabin Services program is the technical and social training required to ensure that passengers are transported from one point to another safely and comfortably on time to train professional cabin officers with various qualifications required by the profession.

Vision: The vision of the program is to be the most accepted degree program by students and to train best qualified professionals for the sector.

Mission: The mission of the program is to train candidates who are knowledgeable and leader in the region and in the world and who are equipped with many skills that follow the civil aviation sector in the world and to follow and adapt the innovations in the professional field.

Program Language: Turkish

Program Description: The Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program is a four-year semi-annual program that aims to train candidates who are well-versed in the leading civil aviation companies in the region and in the world and who are equipped with many skills and skills that follow the civil aviation industry in the world.

Admissions Requirements: Candidates are required to have high school diploma and admitted according to the related regulations of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Recognition of Prior Learning:

Graduation Requirements: Students are required to complete 120 ECTS and 30 days of compulsory internship and have graduation grade average of 2.0 points at the end of two years education.

Principles of Assessment and Evaluation: Students are required to enroll courses online at the ning of each semester and attend %70 of theoretic courses and %80 of applied courses in order to take the final exams. Students need to take one mid-term exam and one final exam for each course. Mid-term exam mark (mid-term exam mark can include marks obtained from other assessment tool as assignments and application) affects the final grade at 40% whereas final exam is affective at 60%. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. Students who get AA, BA, BB, CB, CC grades for a course succeed that course. For students who get DC, DD grades to succeed the course, they need to have average grade of 2.00 points for that semester.

Employment Opportunities: Students who graduate from the Civil Aviation and Cabin Services program can work in the General Directorates of Airline Companies, Airline Companies that carry domestic and international passengers, Foreign Airlines, and any companies and companies related to Civil Aviation.

Jump to Top Degree Programs: Candidates who get their associate degrees can apply to undergraduate programs determined by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) by doing vertical transfer. These undergraduate programs are Aviation Management, Logistics Management, Travel Management, Travel Management and Tourism Guidance, Civil Aviation Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Transportation and Logistics, International Logistics.